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Welcome and thank you for choosing Murder Mystery Games!  Our downloadable murder mystery games are essentially role playing games where you will find yourself thrust into the middle of a compelling storyline, taking on a character's personality, complete with their history and secrets.  During the course of the murder mystery game, you will interact with other characters, all with their own unique personalities and agendas.  At some point, one of the characters (or maybe even you!) will be murdered.  The aim of the game is then to work out who committed the crime and why... or if you are the murderer, to escape detection!  Interrogate other characters, discover hidden secrets and try to prevent your darkest secrets from becoming public knowledge! downloadable murder mystery game

Our downloadable murder mystery games are unique in the online market in that the murderer and victim change each time the game is played.  With each different murder, new and compelling secrets are bound to be revealed turning what you once thought to be an angelic character into the stuff of nightmares!  Each character has their own unique secrets, detailed personality profiles and costume suggestions.  There are even secret tasks for each player to complete, so even if you are struggling to solve the case, you can still have a really enjoyable murder mystery party!  An explanation from the detectives and a prolific confession from the guilty party tops off your murder mystery game.  Do you have what it takes to solve a baffling case, can you avoid a date with the grim reaper... or are you clever enough to get away with murder?

We have murder mystery games for all occasions including Hen Nights, Barbeques, Halloween and Christmas.  We also have a selection of mystery games aimed at children who can enjoy all the fun of solving a mystery but without the murder!  Simply click on either of the two categories below to see more details of the games available.  You can also view a sneak preview of the murder mystery games before you buy!



murder mystery games         murder mystery games




 murder mystery games


"Once you eliminate all other possibilities, the one which remains must be the truth, no matter how improbable" 



 downloadable murder mystery games






entertaining downloadable murder mystery party game

 Entertaining downloadable murder mystery party games 

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