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So what really makes us unique from all those other murder mystery game sites out there?  Well let me tell you a story which, if you have played a murder mystery game before, you may well be familiar with.  You download an intriguing game, but all of your guests are left reading from boring scripts all night and the solution to the crime is either far too easy or far to complicated.  Either way, the game loses it's entertainment value.  Worse still, after you have played it once, you and all the other guests at your party know who the murderer is and so you're left with a game you cannot play again.    



This is where our games are different.  Our unique downloadable murder mysteries can be played many times over with a completely different murderer and victim each time!  Combined with intriguing and compelling secrets, detailed character personality profiles, limited scripts, devious secret tasks and a prolific confession from the guilty party makes for a truly entertaining murder mystery party. 



"Once you eliminate all other possibilities, the one which remains must be the truth, no matter how improbable" 



We have games ranging from 6 to 14 players for every occasion including Hen NightsGarden Parties, Halloween and Christmas, all available to download immediately to your computer.    



Do you really have what it takes to solve a baffling case?  Can you avoid the grim reaper?  Or are you clever enough to get away with murder?  If you love murder mysteries or just want to add something extra to a party then this site is for you.  See more about our games here.  downloadable murder mystery games 


Please click on either of the categories below to view the games available.  You can also view a free sneak preview of each game before you buy!  murder mystery party games






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downloadable murder mystery party games







entertaining downloadable murder mystery party gam

 Entertaining downloadable murder mystery party games 

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